39th Annual


4WD Corroboree

Corroboree Dates

4 Oct 2019 - Friday
5 Oct 2019 - Saturday
6 Oct 2019 - Sunday
7 Oct 2019 - Monday

We’ve seen everything man, we’ve seen everything – we’ve seen big bottle trees, lots of leaves, cattle yards, old miner’s huts, twists and turns, ups & downs, dry creek crossings and powerline tracks.  We’ve seen everything – we’ve seen kangaroos, bush pigs, wild dingos, bush turkeys, wallabies, lots of birds and even some cattle we’ve seen everything!

This trip is not boring as it keeps you busy driving the whole time with lots of twist and turns and ups and downs through dry creek crossings and gorges unless we have lots of rain! It’s close to town and you will go through farm tracks, paddocks, forest, bush gorges, powerlines, bush scrub and see all sorts of trees including one of the largest bottle trees in Queensland. It has many narrow sections, trees to negotiate around and the occasional side slopes, you won’t be disappointed if you pick this one.


Trip Rating: Medium
Trip Time: 3.5hrs
Vehicle Limit: 10
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