39th Annual


4WD Corroboree

Corroboree Dates

4 Oct 2019 - Friday
5 Oct 2019 - Saturday
6 Oct 2019 - Sunday
7 Oct 2019 - Monday

Googa State Forest covers an area of around 3,800 hectares and is located near the town of Blackbutt, Queensland. This easy to medium drive will take you through various stages of pine plantations from recently harvested areas to 15-year-old forest. The tracks have been maintained so any standard 4 x 4 will negotiate the terrain. There is a number of creek crossings which may have or have not water depending on the weather at the time. This trip is a scenic drive with a several elevated views to the West passing buy a grove of avocado trees. Wildlife varies from birds to kangaroos, and of course, cows on neighbouring properties.


Trip Rating: Easy-Medium
Trip Time: 2.5hrs
Vehicle Limit: 10
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