39th Annual


4WD Corroboree

Corroboree Dates

4 Oct 2019 - Friday
5 Oct 2019 - Saturday
6 Oct 2019 - Sunday
7 Oct 2019 - Monday

After a short drive on the black top, we travel down one of yester years stock routes. This then finds us beginning our descent into the Gold Rush Canyon. 

This track will keep most people looking for lines and with careful wheel placement you will keep out of trouble. If you like driving deep rutted descents and ascents, tight rocky canyons, rock steps with a few steep ascents and descents and oh did I forget the side slopes. This could be the trip for you. 

We then rejoin another stock route of yester year and if you think this is the easy way out you are on the wrong track. Between dry creek beds and washed out tracks. Vehicle clearance, under body protection and traction aids are all highly recommended.


Trip Rating: Very Difficult
Trip Time: 5hrs
Vehicle Limit: 8
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