39th Annual


4WD Corroboree

Corroboree Dates

4 Oct 2019 - Friday
5 Oct 2019 - Saturday
6 Oct 2019 - Sunday
7 Oct 2019 - Monday

This trip takes in two historic routes between Yarraman, Nanango and Blackbutt, and is a rare opportunity to drive the Nanango to Taromeo section of the Old Esk road (Coach Road) with the blessing of the South Burnett council.

Starting at the campground we take a quick highway trip to Yarraman where we join the Nanago to Yarraman Stock route (Din Din road) for a leisurely drive following the surveyed route for a railway line that was never built, yet proved popular with stockmen transporting their cattle to Brisbane.

Approaching Nanango, we cross over to the Seven Mile Diggings, and join the Old Esk road, from here the track has fallen into severe disrepair, and picking your lines is essential to avoid grief.

Once we have descended into the valley, we cross the dry Yarraman creek and an easy drive through the valley until we reach the exit climb out, were we must once again choose our lines wisely.

This is a great track that whilst may have a hard rating can be completed by less capable cars with some care to avoid the tougher obstacles.


Trip Rating: Medium drive with some hard options
Trip Time: 3hrs
Vehicle Limit: 10
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