39th Annual


4WD Corroboree

Corroboree Dates

4 Oct 2019 - Friday
5 Oct 2019 - Saturday
6 Oct 2019 - Sunday
7 Oct 2019 - Monday

2019 Corroboree Tracks

Click on the track image for more information on each track. You will be able to register via the track information page or select the drive name from the drop down options in the Trips Menu.


There will be Sunday drives in the am & pm

We are waiting to release the Sunday drives until most of the Saturday drives have been filled.We are trying to guarantee all registrants get to attend trips.

A friendly reminder:

  • Please only register for 1 time slot on Saturday to ensure everyone gets a chance to register for a drive
  • If you book for more than 1 drive we reserve the right to reject one of the drives at our discretion
  • If a drive is full it will be displayed on the registration page “The Drive is fully booked”
  • Note only financially registered attendees will be approved


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